Nothing bundt Cakes

When I first started at Firehouse I was given a great opportunity to help them give Nothing bundt Cakes a fresh and beautiful new look. We took them from a bundt cake company to a bakery on a mission to make the world a sweeter place. We have done a lot for them over the past year and half, and now they are growing faster then ever with over 200 bakeries, including one in Canada.  

OOH: Using Nothing Bundt Cake's iconic and trademarked frosting, we gave their cakes meaning beyond being just delicious. 


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A MILLION THANKS: Nothing Bundt Cakes set a goal and asked their followers to help them thank one million teachers via social media. Was that an almost unobtainable goal? You bet it was. Was it still absolutely worthwhile to attempt? You bet it was.

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CW: Bryce Morgan & Chase Zreet

CD: John Williamson and Greg Hunter