Volvo's always been known for safety. But when so many other vehicles are touting their advanced features, how do we establish Volvo as the safest? 

We're bringing light to Volvo's bold vision—for no one to be seriously injured or killed in one of their new cars by 2020—and making use of the flowers that will never go to hospitals or funerals, all thanks to Volvo's Intellisafe technology. 


Out of home: We start by installing outdoor billboards, made from real flowers, in highly trafficked areas. Each one drives to an online microsite, 

Volvo continues to drive to via social media. Every time a new Volvo takes to the road, a bouquet becomes available to celebrate the living.

Each bouquet's tag encourages the receiver to share his or her life's celebration on social media. 

CW: Hilary Smith and Geoffrey Johnson